Visual Therapy Lighting

MPS' strategy is to provide patients with an artificial window or skylight to view images and help calm them throughout testing.

MPS shines new light on diagnostic procedures and radiation treatments

Visual Therapy LightingMRI scanning suites, CT scans, Radiation Therapy and even the latest medical technologies - CyberKnife and TomoTherapy - can all be rather daunting to patients. But with visual therapy lighting products powered by Medical Power Systems, these devices are not as intimidating and confining to patients as they once were.

MPS creates a sense of openness for patients when they experience their procedure or treatment. Its visual therapy lighting comforts patients while eliminating or significantly reducing redundant tests. In turn, patients are more relaxed and medical facilities are spending less money - a win-win solution for both the patient and medical facility.

"MPS' strategy is to provide patients with an artificial window or skylight to view images and help calm them throughout testing," said Frank Heinz, President of MPS. "It has been proven that patient anxiety decreases when our visual therapy lighting is incorporated into scanning suites," added Heinz.

According to research conducted by Roger Ulrich, PhD, assistant dean of architecture at Texas A&M University and Yvonne Clearwater, PhD, former NASA environmental scientist, patients who view ceiling imagery before and during MRI treatments experience lower systolic blood pressure. They also have fewer incidences of nervous twitching or movement, and leave with a more positive perception of their treatment experience.

Visual Therapy Lighting Products:

MPS offers an affordable line of visual therapy lighting products including:

- Backlit ceiling panels
- Ceiling art
- Backlit wall murals
- Indoor sky ceiling tiles
- LED backlit ceilings
- Luminous tiles and MRI skylights

Specifications & Benefits:

MRI Skylights

- LED backlit ceiling panels
- Aluminum housing
- Input Voltage: 48 VDC
- Customer sizes available
- Perfect for MRI, CT or waiting rooms
- 1 year parts and labor warranty

Ceiling Tiles and Wall Murals

- Perfect for MRI, CT or waiting rooms
- Customer sizes available
- 1 year parts and labor warranty

Download MRI Skylights, Ceiling Tiles & Wall Murals Warranty

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“Over the last several years, I have purchased a variety of items from MPS to include DC Dimmer systems, AC/DC Converters, Medical Gas Enclosures and Visual Therapy Panels. MPS has always delivered their materials on time per their quoted dates.

Their DC systems are easy to install and easy to use. I have yet to have any issues with their equipment. Their medical gas enclosures fit exactly to vendor specifications and if you provide the medical gas outlets, they will install them in the enclosure. This is a time-saver and makes installation quicker and more efficient."

- Michael Reed, Manager, Special Projects Group

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