Medical Gas Enclosures

Made of 12-gauge stainless steel, our Medical Gas Enclosures are affordable, reliable, and can be custom-built for your requirements.

Medical Gas Enclosures by MPS

Medical Gas EnclosureOur medical gas enclosures, which are made of 12-gauge stainless steel for easy cleaning and durability, are used as a remote access point that's fed from a central storage area in the healthcare facility.

What's great about MPS' medical gas enclosures is that they can be custom-built to house numerous gas outlets and electrical quadraplex outlets as necessary.

Our medical gas enclosures also house medical gas outlets that are color-coded according to the US and ISO standards in addition to electrical quadraplex outlets that can be used in cathlabs, patient rooms and surgical suites.

Specifications & Benefits:

Medical Gas Enclosures

- Customizable
- Made of 12-gauge stainless steel
- Built to vendor requirements
- Used to house medical gas outlets in cathlabs, patient rooms and surgical suites

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“Over the last several years, I have purchased a variety of items from MPS to include DC Dimmer systems, AC/DC Converters, Medical Gas Enclosures and Visual Therapy Panels. MPS has always delivered their materials on time per their quoted dates.

Their DC systems are easy to install and easy to use. I have yet to have any issues with their equipment. Their medical gas enclosures fit exactly to vendor specifications and if you provide the medical gas outlets, they will install them in the enclosure. This is a time-saver and makes installation quicker and more efficient."

- Michael Reed, Manager, Special Projects Group

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